Livit Velvet Top

Livit Velvet Top

A contemporary design statement

Do you like a high sink? The beautiful Livit Velvet Top is the perfect fit for any bathroom, be it modern, minimalist, rustic or industrial. Its simple, sleek design adds balance, tranquillity and harmony. The matte finish exudes luxury and design. The rounded edges of the integrated basin make it easy to use and maintain.

Velvet Top

It will come as no surprise that this eye-catcher is a favourite among interior designers. Don’t you just love it too?


Mineral marble with a matte Solid Surface top layer. Beautifully minimalist and serene. The non-porous material is easy to maintain. Design and hygiene, hand in hand!


All Livit bathroom furniture is available in these colours:

Café au Lait
Livit Velvet Top
Livit Velvet Top
Livit Velvet Top

Setup drawings

Discover all the possible configurations with the Livit Velvet Top. Click on the image to download the setups.

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