Four sinks, four styles
mix and match endlessly

Four sinks, four styles - mix and match endlessly

Find the bathroom set-up that best meets your needs. No matter which combination you choose, Livit lets your personality shine through. A smart choice that starts with the right sink. Explore the many different styles in the collection and get inspired!

Do you like a sturdy, ceramic sink? Then the Livit Glaze Top is your perfect match! Or maybe you prefer a more sleek style? Then the slimline Livit Velvet Slim and the high Livit Velvet Top are just what you need! Both sinks are sleek, white and matte. Are you looking for a sink with a special touch? The black Livit Stone Slim, with its slate texture, is sure to meet your expectations. Make your bathroom yours!

Livit Glaze Top

The charm of a sturdy, ceramic sink

Modern, cosy & rustic or cool & industrial - what’s your style? You're guaranteed to love the Livit Glaze Top. This sink is sturdy, sleek and charming at the same time, and blends in perfectly with any bathroom interior. A real chameleon! That is what makes ceramics so unique. Opt for timeless glossy white or daring matte black... Each colour creates an entirely different look. And did you know the Livit Glaze Top can be installed as a floating sink too? Super stylish! Keen to find out more about the different options? Definitely have a look at the different set-ups of the Livit Glaze Top.

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Livit Glaze Top Livit Glaze Top

Livit Velvet Slim

Hip: a minimalist matte sink

The Livit Velvet Slim gives your bathroom a delicate, pure, linear look. This minimalist, light built-in sink has a strikingly warm style thanks to the rounded shapes of the basin and the soft, matte finish. In a nutshell, a modern sink with an authentic touch. The ideal choice if you like elegance and luxury. The Livit Velvet Slim is a sink made of mineral marble with a matte Solid Surface top coat. Beautifully minimalist and serene. Discover all our Livit Velvet Slim set-ups and get inspired!

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Livit Velvet Slim

Livit Velvet Top

Cool, matte white as a design statement in the bathroom

Do you like a high sink? The beautiful Livit Velvet Top is the perfect fit for any bathroom, be it modern, minimalist, rustic or industrial. Its simple, sleek design adds balance, tranquillity and harmony. This mineral marble sink with a matte Solid Surface top layer is a symbol of luxury and design. Beautifully minimalist and serene. Thanks to its thickness, the Livit Velvet Top can also be installed as a floating sink. It will come as no surprise that this eye-catcher is a favourite among interior designers. Don’t you just love it too?

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Livit Velvet Top Livit Velvet Top

Livit Stone Slim

Create a trendy urban-chic bathroom

Natural materials boast an original charm. The Livit Stone Slim is no different. It may be made of synthetic materials, but this sink has the look and texture of slate. The coarse relief creates a beautiful contrast with the smooth, polished basin. Is this unique, cute eye-catcher your thing? Add a trendy urban-chic touch to your bathroom with this black sink. Browse all the Livit Stone Slim models and find your perfect match.

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Livit Stone Slim

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